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My name is Jananni Rathnagiri.  I made this personal website to document the skills I have developed other the years.  Keep scrolling to find my blog posts.





Thoughts on XCode

Using XCode:

For the summer, I have been using XCode a lot and I have realized there are quite a few issues with it.  I had built a couple apps before but they were all using the Storyboard.  The Story board is a drag-and-drop feature of XCode which allows users to build the app without programming.

  1. Don’t use the Storyboard.  Building the app programmatically lets you do much more with the app and helps you learn how the app is actually built.  Because I also know how to code, it was easier and quicker for me.
  2. Every time you want to test and run your code there is almost a minute of delay for the simulator to start up
  3. Simulator Not Launching App:  This is the worst problem I’ve come across.  Many people get the issue and fixes vary from person to person.  It seems like an issue with the application and the OS.


There is also a new Application Tool by Apple called Swift UI.  It allows its users to code and in real time it will simulate what the output app will look like to the side.  Additional if you decide to use the drag-and-drop feature, those same changes will appear in the code in real time too.  Sadly this tool is in Beta so I won’t be able to use it this summer at Symantec, but hopefully I will get to in the future 🙂


It’s been awhile

So I realized I haven’t been posting at alllll since college started so I thought I would give a brief description of what the past two years at Carnegie Mellon University were like.  A second of reflection, if you will.

First things first, I have learned SOO much in the past two years.  Coming to CMU I knew it was a hard school but I didn’t realize how much I would learn in just two years.  From learning C and the basic architecture of a computer in 15-213 (Computer Systems) to building a Tic-Tac-Toe AI in 18-240 (Structure and Design of Digital Systems).  I’ve also learned various programming paradigms from Imperative to Functional Programming.

Of course I’ve also met so many people and friends.  I spend a lot of my time in CMU’s Student Chapter of IEEE.  I have been on the Exec board for the past two years and I’ve had the pleasure of hosting events for ECE students, professors and professionals.  And the club members have become a second family.

CMU continues to amaze me with the sheer drive and passion in students and faculty.  From my business professors who made and sold a company worth millions to my cybersecurity professors who could talk for hours on end about the subject, everyone at CMU makes you want to learn and ask more questions.

Go Tartans!

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 12.58.16 PM

Harker Programming Invitational 2016

Today my friend Nidhi and I went to HPI (Harker Programming Invitational).  This was a new experience for me and was not like regular hackathons I am used to.  This was a programming competition.  There were multiple teams and each team could only use one computer and had to finish a series of complex problems using C++, Python, or Java in 2 hours.  It was a very different experience coding under pressure.


I also met Jeremy Rossmann today who is the co-founder of MakeSchool a school that is focused on helping students learn to not only program but also to learn how to make apps.cover_photo


I am also an Officer for a club called Technovation which encourages girls to explore the technology and business industries by building a fully developed app and a business plan on how you will promote your app.  In freshman year my team and I built an app called ClubHub which was a networking app to connect club and club members without forcing people to join social networks like facebook.  ClubHub allowed Clubs to notify all club members at once and allowed members to manage their activities from various different clubs.  We built our app on a platform called Appery.io.

But Appery.io was not free and was not easy to use as it was very restrictive.  So we are currently switching our app onto XCode as it is more flexible and allows more features.

Day …umm the last two weeks :)

So for the last to weeks at Microsoft, we were asked to create a project from what we learned or learn something new.  My group and I decided to push ourselves so we decided to learn Swift and Firebase from scratch and make a functional app.  We created Pocket, a banking app for young adults to track their incomes and spendings, achieve their economic goals, and learn about stocks to ease their transition to adulthood.  After a lot of online tutorials and YouTube videos we have a beta product.     Wbga-W3BItMs9TqAkjcT8-460_MLNsViUqBnC5LNXg0W_4cURw6_T8TuWFTWVrWAw4e90DLs1zyu5NquO56-RsbxVXfaLQ5mCcLn7zCtj7LaXUOxQv7YcjPLgecB7mqknuCcmq9kI_HIZHCret35dTSTlz9Ay6ILU_0igft6YpklUQ_OOV2VWpp8eYP8DAQY4qm9Z3wdROQ7zeVrrnd2zUQn5UHk7Tg

Screenshot 2015-07-29 11.09.20IMG_5437We plan to put our app onto the App Store and we are continuously working to make Pocket better.

Day 21: Sorting and Vivienne Ming

Today we did a small program based on Sorting.

Click here to view.

We also had a speaker come named Vivienne Ming, who is a mom, developer and entrepreneur.  She owns three companies and sits on the board of various companies.  One example of her work was building a system that predicts a kinder-gardener’s future based on their environment and their behavior.  Without releasing this information, the program would inform the parents and teachers how to aid the children.